COLT Communications and Engagement: 2019 Survey


A survey conducted via online panels, telephone, and mail during November and December of 2018 of 2,528 Oregon residents and 207 southern Washington residents to determine what residents of Oregon and southern Washington value about living in their communities, what features and issues are most important to them, their attitudes and behavior related to land conservation, and the most effective messaging for different population subgroups. Quotas and statistical weighting were used to ensure a representative sample. Oregon reporting was based on a representative sample of 403 Oregon residents and has a margin of error of +/-2.9% to +/-4.9%. Messaging findings for subgroups are based on all completed Oregon surveys (n=2,582) and have a margin of error of +/-1.2% to +/-1.9%. Findings show a shared value of nature and the outdoors, with an emphasis on the importance of accessibility, as well as a growing interest in nature among Oregonians.

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