Oregon Values & Beliefs Study – 2002


The continuation of the 1992 Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey, the 2002 Oregon Values and Beliefs study included more than 2,600 Oregonians from across the state. A statewide telephone survey was conducted in November of 2002 of 1200 randomly selected respondents, with 300 interviews each from the Portland Metro Area, Southern Oregon, Eastern Oregon, and Western Oregon. Regional large group discussions were also conduced in Medford, Klamath Falls, Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Bend, Pendleton, Beaverton, and Clackamas. It provides valid and statistically reliable information at the regional level and by age, gender, income and education. In addition to conventional opinion surveys, the study also used large group discussions and scaled comparisons as a means of ranking abstract qualities such as personal values, personal activities, and attitudes about government services. Respondents were asked about their communities, the economy, education, government services, as well as funding public services. Trends emerged revealing a set of “Core Values” that Oregonians share, some of which endure from the 1992 Oregon Values and Beliefs Survey, some of which have changed, and some of which are just beginning to emerge.


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