How do I join the OVBC Panel?

Simply visit here and create a new account. You must answer all the questions to register.

Can anyone become a member of the OVBC Panel?

Members must be 18 years or older and live in Oregon.

What does being a panelist mean?

As a panelist, you serve as the voice of your cohort, sharing your ideas, judgements, and values so they may be heard by state leaders. Your voluntary participation through monthly surveys and similar opportunities administered by OVBC achieves this goal and earns you points, in which can be used as cash or donated. 

Do I have to participate in every survey or activity?

Participation is voluntary. You’ll receive an emailed invitation to each research study, but you’re not obligated to accept. While we do encourage you to take part in as many studies as possible, they’re not mandatory.

How often will there be surveys or focus groups?

You’ll have opportunities to participate in our research studies every month.

Can I register more than once?

No. You may only have one account.


What do I receive for participating in research studies?

Each activity in which you participate — a survey or focus group, for example — earns you points. Your point total varies from project to project. For instance, by completing a medium-length survey, you can earn 300 points, which equals $3.

Can I transfer my points to others or donate them to causes?

When you successfully complete a project task, such as a survey or focus group, your account will be credited the allotted points. You may then donate them to one of four charities or cash them out at any time, but you cannot transfer them to other people.

How do I redeem my points for cash payment?

Once you earn 1,200 points, you can request payment through PayPal or Venmo from your Account Page.


Can I drop out of the panel?

Yes. If your points total fewer than 1,200, you’ll forfeit them, and we won’t be able to reallocate them. To leave the panel, email us at

Can I change my email address after registering?

No. If your email address changes after you join the OVBC Panel, you’ll need to cancel your existing account and open a new one. If you have 1,200 or more points in your account, you’ll need to donate or redeem them before canceling your account. If you don’t, you’ll forfeit those points; we cannot reallocate them back to you.

Once these conditions have been fulfilled, you may then re-register for the OVBC Panel with your new email address.

How do I access my account?

After you’ve registered, access your account by clicking “Log in” at the bottom of the screen.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password here. Just enter your email address and click the “E-MAIL NEW PASSWORD” button, and you’ll be e-mailed a link to reset your password. This link will only reset your password once, so if you forget again, you’ll need to repeat the reset steps.