Cluster 8: Modern Conservative Loyalists


Modern Conservative Loyalists are middle-aged and older, reporting the lowest number of young people of any cluster. They, like other more conservative groups, have an above-average number of men. This group is also more likely to own a home, live in rural areas, and to be religious.


This group is strongly politically engaged and highly likely to vote in elections. They self-identify as conservative, support Trump, and register Republican more than other groups. These values are backed up by a strong leaning toward conservative statements on 11 of the 21 Typology questions, logging only a weak liberal slant on two questions (unfair economic system & regulating money in political campaigns).

Some of their stronger values include ideas that government is wasteful, regulation of business does more harm than good, immigration policies should be restrictive, broad constitutional protection of gun rights is essential, and environmental protection is not worth the economic cost.


Modern Conservative Loyalists make up 9% of the sample (243/2610). Their -3/+3 score is +2.1.