Cluster 4: Green Rural Independents


This cluster gets part of their name from having the highest number of rural respondents. They are also younger, underemployed, less wealthy, and less educated than average. Most self-identify as conservative while remaining politically unaffiliated.


Green Rural Independents emphasize that “both political parties pose a threat to our country,” and consequently are least likely to identify as a Republican or Democrat. They have high support for election reforms, along with a belief that our state and country are “on the wrong track.” This group shows strong interest in environmental protections, addressing climate change, and lowering consumption. Regarding social issues, cluster 4 displays robust protection of the right to own and carry firearms, as well as disdain for big business and powerful economic interests. They show moderate support for abortion rights and addiction services, while solidly middle of the road on governmental services, political compromise, and gender rights. Finally, C4 has both lower acknowledgment of racial inequality and less support for immigration.


Green Rural Independents exhibit a slight -.4 liberal lean score. This group has 233/2610 respondents for 9% of the sample.