Tourism in Your Community

Oregonians talk about what they think of tourism and how it impacts their communities in both positive and negative ways.

Beach at dusk with many bonfires
Image: Silhouette of Oregon, surrounded by dollar bills

Economic Conditions Statewide and in Communities

a backpack with school supplies

Oregonians’ Priorities for School Instruction and Activities

Oregon Policies and Programs Already in Effect

Policy Changes: Sales Tax, Pumping Gas, and Liquor in Grocery Stores

COVID Closures: Schools and Businesses

Crime In Our State, And In Our Neighborhoods

Hopes for 2021 and the Economy

Values and Beliefs at the end of a Challenging Year

CO2 Emissions and Opportunities for Change

Oregon Schools: Online or In-Person

Doctor Administering Vaccination

COVID-19: Good and Bad Behaviors, and Vaccine Thinking

"I Voted" stickers on a white surface

Uncertain Unity: Oregon’s Divided State of Mind

Homeless tents on a city street

Crisis in the Streets: Addressing Homelessness in Oregon

pen on top of a 2020 Form 1040 tax document

Show Me the Money: Funding Public Services in Oregon

teacher standing in front of a classroom full of students

Taking Attendance: Inclusive and Accessible Education for All

People with signs protest the police

Is It Racist? Police Protests & Racial Injustice

Wildfire burning a forest

Wildfires in Oregon: A Hot-Button Issue?

A weather vane as a metaphor for the direction of Oregon's Future

On the Road to Recovery: Checking in With Oregonians About the Future of Their State

Volunteer planting a tree

Protect Our Land: A Nature Conservation Conversation