To provide accurate, inclusive opinion research to help Oregonians working to build stronger communities. Our research is ongoing; independent and non-partisan; representative of rural Oregon and minorities; valid and statistically reliable; and quantitative and qualitative.

“Policy makers and business leaders often express surprise when I tell them that researchers lack basic information about the beliefs and values of all Oregonians. Yet that information gap is real: surveys often collect information solely from target populations, such as likely voters or narrow consumer groups, thus preventing Oregonians from understanding the values and beliefs of all members of their community. The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center offers a plan to correct this problem by helping all groups of Oregonians — especially our rural and underrepresented neighbors — share their feelings and views about the issues affecting them. Through that plan, the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center will provide Oregonians a better understanding of their communities and it will create a nonpartisan, reliable source of information that businesses, policy makers, and not-for-profits can use to advance the well-being and prosperity of our state.”

Tim Johnson, Director, Willamette University Center for Governance and Public Policy Research

Board of Directors

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