About Oregon Values and Beliefs Center

How do Oregonians feel? What do they value about living in the state, and what issues are most important to them? How do they want Oregon to function and look in the years ahead?

These are important questions to which we currently do not have reliable, trusted answers. The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center intends to change that by creating an independent, nonpartisan entity that maintains regular engagement with all Oregonians. This includes urban and rural areas of the state, and people across a variety of demographics and communities. The Center will not take policy positions.

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"We wanted to understand the deeper implications of growth beyond the hardscape lens of infrastructure, taxes, education, and other visible issues. The values research gleaned more insight into the values residents of Bend have around sustaining what is important in a small but fast-growing city and region. We can now better understand that citizens value community engagement, ensuring employment and economic parity, and investment in time, talent and treasure as key to the importance of how Bend grows. Tracking these values will allow us to better plan the softscape that is essential to growing a healthy, connected and thriving community."

Katy Brooks, CEO, Bend Chamber of Commerce